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 #Brittany plays clueless here because that’s what she does—she pretends not to know what’s going on because it makes her inculpable #But here’s the thing: Brittany knows exactly what’s going on here between Kurt and his dad. #She didn’t just decide to ‘date’ Kurt because she wanted to have a perfect kiss record okay? #She decided to help him because there’s someone she cares about—cares about more than anyone else—who is kind of in Kurt’s same boat—i.e. #who’s afraid that the people she loves won’t love her once they figure out who she really is. #If Brittany could she would help this person she cares about to know that she’ll always have at least one person who’ll love her #no matter what… but Brittany can’t do that see… mostly because the person #won’t allow her to do it. Not yet. She won’t allow Brittany to be there for her. #So Brittany gets what’s going on with Kurt right? She gets why he’s trying to pretend to be someone #he’s not. #She would never go to them same lengths to conceal her own identity as Kurt or her person have of course because #for her it’s easy to just be who she is #but she would help them if they wanted that for themselves… and Kurt does want that.#So Brittany helps. #Brittany helps Kurt in the only way that she can because she can’t help her person at all really… not yet. #So this joke right here? This is just Brittany pretending not to get it when really she gets it better #than maybe anyone else at the school could get it. It’s just her trying to help.

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i ate my twin in the womb

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liars + cars

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100 pictures of the Glee Cast - 35/100

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